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'not even b-sides'

HIllary, Carver & Before were recorded across a few sessions at the V89 studio and a few other spots in Tallahassee.


released July 14, 2016

Special Thanks: Micheal Regina, Jon Divine, Chris Seepersaud, Caleb Soper, Nick Mazzilli



all rights reserved


MinutesWest Tallahassee, Florida

This is my beat-up trophy case.

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Track Name: Hillary demo
Yes, I'm guilty of chasing the dream, as far as it would run.

I'm sorry the signs were just above our eyes, held low from how far we've come.

Man of mystery, esquire Hillary himself did never climb this far before without supplemental oxygen.
Track Name: Carver demo
I'll hear you finger tap, if your finger taps on my gate.
I'll hear your whistling laugh, if your laugh lives in my wake.
All of the depths are wasted, when you stay on the bank.
With all of the heavier creatures, that never quite sank.

I think it's up to us now
At least I think it's 'us' now
You step into the carver
you shave off your out
When your shell gets harder still
Yeah, you live with your doubt

If I could hear the sound, from when the sound was reaching
I'd know the side that I'm on from the side that I'm escaping
All of the depths you wasted have nothing on the ceiling
with all of the thoughts you had that were never quite feelings

Before the ceiling caved and our capes were made of ruin
I fought the battles I was, not the ones that I was losing.

I feel strings and there's no winning
In my gut it's shared thought all along
Track Name: Before demo
I'm missing out, for once.
Mystery's escaping me, but she'll be back before the winter comes.

Barrel in, I'm already there, making up for lost time.
So what if you wanna watch the light fall into shadows over here?
Alive, with murals on my eyes.

It was the strangest thing I was before.
It was the strangest thing I was before her.
Track Name: Josefine demo
Josephine, you know loving you is just a dream. No matter how it seems.